ZY-EM1504 4 head 12 needle Embroidery machine
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ZY-EM1504 4 head 12 needle Embroidery machine

ZY-EM1504 4 head 12 needle Embroidery machine
  • ZY-EM1504

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Specification of four heads  machine

1. 型号Model


2. 头数Head

四头 four  heads

3. 绣花面积Working area


4. 针数Needles


5. 速度 Speed


Flat :100-1000RPM


6. 电控 Computer

高清真彩10英寸液晶显示屏 A15

High-definition true color 10-inch LCD A15

7. 主轴电机 Spindle Motor

伺服电机  Servo motor

8. 旋梭 Hook

佐文旋梭 Japan hook

9. 功能 Functions

适用于平绣 Suitable for flat

10. 屏幕 Screen

触屏touch screen

11. 换色 Color change

自动换色  Automatic color change

12. 剪线 Trim

自动减线  Automatic trimming

13. 停机 Stop

紧急停机 Emergency stop

14. 操作语言

Support multiple languages


中,英,西班牙,葡萄牙,土耳其,荷兰,法,德,泰,阿拉伯Chinese,English,Portugal, Turkey, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Thailand, And Arabia

15. 刺绣检测

  The embroidery test

刺绣可预览花样、刺绣轨迹,可实时显示针脚运行过程Embroidery can preview the pattern and embroidery track, and can display the running process of stitch in real time

16. 花样导入Import pattern


17. 花样格式 Pattern format

Dst格式 DST format

18. 操作 Operation

启动、停止、急停、快走框、慢走框、点动100度、剪线、换色针数、菜单、边框设计、换色设置、设置原点、找到原点、加速、减速 Start, stop, emergency stop, fast running box, slow running box, inching 100 degrees, line cutting, color change needles number, menu, border design, color change setting, set origin, find origin, accelerate, decelerate

19. 面线夹 Thread Clamp

新型专利技术智能面线夹系统,可以自动调节面线张力,使面线张力更稳定,绣品质量更好The new patented intelligent upper thread clamp system can automatically adjust the tension of the upper thread ,so that the tension of the upper thread is more stable and the embroidery quality is better

20. 面线装置 thread device


There is an independent solenoid valve control unit in the thread device ,which can effectively prevent the thread from falling of

21. 毛/净重 Weight

毛重6500KG, 净重5000KG GW:6500KG,NW:5000KG

22. 包装尺寸 Packing size

  wooden case

23. 电压 Voltage


24. 价格Price



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