ZY1900A zoyer direct drive bar tacking sewing machine
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ZY1900A zoyer direct drive bar tacking sewing machine

This bar tacking machine is suitable for sewing various pocket and trademark process which bar tacking consolidated seam. Adopting servo-motor direct drive, stabilization of machine speed, low noise, high efficiency, it has automatic thread trimming, thread wiping, speed governing. This machine can make come true the different sewing effects. when it chooses different accessories. It has ordinary consolidate,semicircles, cap eyes, circle tacking In this machine together, to realize many functions in one machine.
Model No.:
  • ZY1900A


  • ZY1900A


  • Special Sewing Machine

  • Carton

  • Automatic

  • CE

  • 1

  • 0.1~10

  • Zhejiang China

ZY1900A  zoyer  direct drive bar tacking sewing machine

The new oil-free design, a broad range of sewing and a variety of sewing patterns
1. With vertical 30mm*40mm horizontal sewing, may correspond to variety of tacking shape;
2. In the original tacking shape on the basis of increased a half Bar-tacking,round tacking and daisy-hole keyhole mare than 50 kinds of sewing patterns.
3. new patterns input mode:U disk to download the desired pattern, and then inserted directly into the side of the side of the operation panel The USB port, you can complete the patterns input.
Superior operating performance

1. Directly connected through a small AC servo motor direct drive head (no belt) to achieve a superior level of response and accurate stopping accuracy. Even in high-speed operation can create a low vibration, low noise working environment.
2. noise and comfortable working environment. Set in the nose section of the hand wheel, can more easily confirm the needle drop point.
Easy to use control panel to operate

1. on the control panel to easily input the pattern number using expanded out function can be easy to change the pinhole spacing.
2.pattern keys Pl-P20 landing standard pattern.
3.can visit the 20 types of circular seam,sew each cycle can be combined up t0 30 patterns.
Various auxiliary parts 

1. ZY-1900A Type M(knitting),H(thick material),O(cap eye),X(tongue),B(package with reinforcement),S(elastic band docking) 7types;suitable model can be selected.
2.Enhanced the penetration of the needle,the H specifications corresponding thick material.W specifications through the use of large hook,reducing the frequency of replacement of the bottom line,improve  work efficiency.

Adopted with Automatic material thickness detecting system, the machine ensures more efficient productivity and higher sewing quality with wider sewing area and as many as 50 different sewing patterns. Also equipped with electronic thread clamp mechanism, automatic function, as well as the advanced control box, the machine provides great ease of operation.


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